Kerching pring pring dong.

The phone, the kiosk / floor / bench.
Where do you come from?
It's happening?
Partial eclipse.
Many, many wows.
2 Jesus' and 1 Oh my God.
Planet Tit.
Totally awesome.
Hold on tight, we're going in!
The pride procession.
The street party.
The after party.
Wow, is it today you're here?
Kerching, pring, pring, dong.
I'm just a drifter Biff.
Biff, I'm driftin'.
Biftin' Driff.
We dance better over water.
Le bag magique.
The Whistler and the whistle off.
What's your bicycle called?
My, my, my, Delilah.
Fags, fags, fags.
Designer vagina.
Why can't everywhere be a little bit more like this place, eh?
You're the one that I want.
Smokey Joe.
To the beach.
Code Red, le sac est ouvert.
A la fal a fel.
I am bored, give me money.
The fabulous foursome.
What an ensemble!
I was just pissing by...
The working girls.
Black and gold.
Roller blading.
Are you a stomper or a dodderer?
Bread and cheese.
Are you on Facebook?
Lost / laugh & dance.
Such a wicked time...
Forward slash, back slash.
Any old slash.
I thought he was gonna steal my bag...
I though everybody was trying to steal, le bag magique.
Definitely go back - no question.
Kerching, pring, pring, dong.

See the campsite phone box sketch. (click)

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