Communication failure - Romance.

Ineffective communication can be disastrous...
as it goes...

send for ammunition we are going to advance,

send for three and four pence we are going to a dance.

Here's my extended adaptation of the same couplet...?

send for an expert in endurance,
send for an harmonious convergence.
send for the reckless in due diligence,
send for the maligned with an old grievance.
send for our aeroplane we are going to France,
send for umpteen roses, this is a serious romance.
send for the paracetamol, we are in a trance,
send for the tightrope, on which we can balance.
send for some hot water to quell the incandescence,
send for that impresario with the genetic dalliance.
send for the conjoined twins with their amazing entrance,
send for a prodigy to share another performance.
send for many desserts of pure indulgence,
send for a memory which you cannot enhance.
send for the contestant with the most elegance,
send for that quintessential fading fragrance.

the end of the experience.

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