Good Morning Moone!

Good morning Moon!
Fancy meeting up this afternoon?
We can dance our footprints into the sand dune.

I've written this poem, will you write the tune?
My individuality is your platoon.
Why rehearse the part of the stupid lune?
Nor is your prediction my indecipherable rune?
No one gives a toss about you, half moon.
The pantomime revolves around a sunken pontoon.
Why look at me like a goon?
Into the reflection upon the lagoon.
When you're full on and you have written my tune...
We can dance our footprints into the sand dune.


noni said...

words are..fascinating...

pics are are excellent.....connecting a cosmic being to physical human age old relationship.....very innovative..

Joanne Cucinello said...

I agree with noni . . . excellent and innovative poetry. I am a moon lover also and celebrate all its phases with poetry of my own. Enjoyed this one!

Sharemyart. said...

thanks jc